Our Many Selves and the Astral Body

Our Many Selves and the Astral Body

Many Selves

I am first going to talk about us as a whole.  How we are energetically and the layers that we have of the self.  There are probably more layers of the self, but these are the ones that I have uncovered thus far.  Then I am going to discuss how this essence of self pertains to the astral and how we can use our understanding of ourself as a whole to influence and shift our astral form.  Because the astral realm is a very VERY fascinating place.  But it is only one of the dimensional planes.  I also want to break down the nature of the self, and the layers of our being, how we tie into our existence,  how our higher self ties into our existence and also how our past lives tie into our existence.

We are very vast and complex beings and very layered on our energies.  I have done a diagram to highlight how I have come to understand the layers of our soul and who we are.

Essence of the Self

Essence of the Self

The Layers of the Self and Soul

Our existence is like a pyramid in a way.  We are very layered and complex beings with many experiences and forms.  At the top we have our core self also called the True Form Self.  The core true form self is our essence, it is where we come from, what we are, who we are at our core.  It is who we are and the being we are in our life in the Outer Spiritual World.

Everyone is unique and different. There are many layers as well within the outer spiritual world and many different places that we can come from.  There are so many different layers and dimensions in the outer spiritual world it would take an eternity to define them all.  Even the Gods of the outer spiritual world have not uncovered and categorized them all and still explore and uncover new places.  This is not helped by the fact that the outer spiritual world is always growing, changing and evolving.  It is all part of the divine essence of all.

We are all divine beings in a way, though some beings are closer to the divine source than others.  We are all divine beings from divine source, but we all still have that individual essence, we are our own unique being.  I have heard discussion and downloaded some information on beings who choose to ascend and rejoin source for a time.  But that is not a a permanent state, nothing is permanent.  Many of them have reported that it is boring and that they would rather come back.  Apparently you can ascend and also de-ascend while keeping yourself.  Your essence though it is Divine is still your essence.  You are a part of it, but you are still yourself.  Now lets explore the layers….

The First Layer:  The Core Self

The Core Self is the energies that you come from,  the energies that you are, the alignment of divinity that you are connected to.  It does not change, it is what it is and most people have vast families and connections within their realms in the Outer Spiritual world.  There are many different areas that one can arise from, and an infinite amount of beings that one can be.

The outer spiritual world is comprised of God Form Beings who have their own form and keep that form binding and growing as time goes on as well as fluid beings who enter into a strange reincarnation cycle within the outer spiritual world as their true form self is an energy with no defined form so it  reincarnates always changing.  Soul clusters they are called, are beings who have no form but who are born then die, though they never really die.

The Outer Spiritual World is one that is so massive scanning it wholly, my brain actually breaks LOL.  So I use simpler diagrams to help my human mind make sense of what I can.  The rule of thumb is if you think you understand the Outer Spiritual World, you don’t understand the Outer Spiritual World.  Which yes is also what Richard Feynman said about Quantum Mechanics, it holds true with the Outer Spiritual World too.

Within the Outer Spiritual World the Core self often has various forms that it can take.  The Abyssal Demons for Example have a Sea Dragon form, and the Noble Demons have a darker demon form they can take.  Energies shift and in the Outer Spiritual world we usually have energies that we can shift to and various forms we can take that are true ourselves.  We cannot really take any form we desire, but we take forms that are true to ourselves.

In the Outer Spiritual world there is an essence of honouring and being true to yourself, and when you understand and love yourself you really do honour the essence of your truth.   All species in the outer spiritual realm are amazing.  They all bring to the table their own unique talents and specialities and beings from that group really take pride in who they are.

The Core self is interesting as it is like a physical from, but a solid one, a form that is true, it is physical and energetic at the same time.  They have bodies and many functions of bodies, but they are also energetic and etheric.  The outer spiritual world all exists in many more dimensions then we have here so the complexities of the realms are beyond what our minds can imagine.

The Higher Self

Sometimes though we desire to try on new Skins, and that is where our lives all come in.  From what I have gathered we desire to come to these planes, the inner spiritual worlds and the universes where things are fluid and change and we can take on multiple forms and multiple identities.  We can change and shift and live the lives that we live.  There are many reasons why we would desire to come here.  It is similar to why we play video games here.  We want to experience and try new things.  When one decides they wish to enter a reincarnation cycle and get a body they usually pick a series of obstacles and challenges that they wish to try out and overcome.

There is an infinite amount of things that one can experience and uncover and it can be overwhelming at first for the beings.  Many often take on too much or sign up for so many challenges that their lives can seem horrific.  Really anything that they desire, they can sign up to experience and they all have their different reasons for why they sign up.  The journey of the higher self is incredible.

The True Self sheds it power and prepares to embark on a journey through a foreign land in a disempowered state.  There are many inner spiritual worlds and universes, and each other offers their own unique challenges and experiences.  They usually choose one or a few that they wish to experience.

Once they have chosen the place they wish to go and the experiences they wish to try they enter into a state where they Outer Spiritual world self is technically asleep, and assumes the role of the higher self.  The higher self is our divine essence that is at a vibrational level that we can interact with.  It watches us and experiences what we experience and can assist us as guide us.  The higher self in a way is a shade of our true form self.   A Shadow, it is them, but at the same time it is not them as they are technically sleeping.

Some say that the lives we live are the dreams of the soul, this theory holds true as technically we are sleeping, and we are experiencing and living alternate lives. Our true self, shifts into a higher self, where they act as guide and confidant to their lower forms.  The higher self is the puppet master and from there the puppets are formed.

This form is very highly energy based though there are remnants of their solid self in the outer spiritual world.  Though it is very etheric in nature.

The Universal Self

Depending on where we want to go, and what we want to experience we have to be attuned to exist in the various frequencies of the inner spiritual world that one wishes to experience.  Each inner spiritual world and the universes contained within operates at a different vibrational frequency from one another.  In order for you to receive messages from your higher self you need a universal self that is attuned to that universe.  This acts as your ghost,  the auric essence of your higher self within your physical body.

This energy self is also the messages that carrier the messages from you to your higher self.  You need to be attuned to the universe that you will be a part of.  This self will be able to control your physical body and learn to navigate the life that you are living.  This is the essence that going into your body when you come into being, and leaves your body when you die.

Once the attunement has been completed, you then have a Universal self.  This universal self is the keeper of all the lives that you will live while you are in that Particular Universe and Inner Spiritual World.  It holds you memories, your ancestors, your past lives, families that you have while having experiences as different entities within that inner spiritual world.  It receives messages from your ancestors that have walked with you.

You are attuned to that Universe and those vibrations and you can interact within that universe.  This is your energy self and your link between your Higher Self and you Physical self of that particular Universe.  The Universal self is also a shadow of the higher self, and is the energy that can be seen in your Aura.

This form is almost all energy based.  It is the ghost in our physical vessel machine.  It is energetic and etheric and moves and acts like energy.  It is our aura, our energy field within the inner spiritual world.  It houses our chakra’s our essence, the energies of our past selves as well as our present self.

The Physical Self.

Then you have all the Physical selves.  There are those who you are now, and your Past Lives.  These are all your physical selves.  Or depending on the nature of the Universe you are in, you could also be an energy self.  This though is your vessel,  The vessel that you command and take control of to live various lives and experience different things.  You can literally be anything as there is an infinite amount of universes and inner spiritual worlds and dimensions that expand beyond the infinite expanse.

Our past lives and this life is part of the journey of the Universal Self that is exploring and having various experiences here in this realm.  Our core selves are suppressed and we are limited in our abilities here compared to how we are back in the Outer spiritual world.  Though there is one skill that we retain which is a reminded of our higher self / core self and how much power we have.  That is our journey in the astral realms, and our astral self.

Past lives,  Lives in different dimensions, different celestial planes different planets, different places all that are within the inner spiritual world are places where we can have physical bodies.  These bodies can also be energetic or a different type of physical body that is not as our human selves.  Some can shift and life in the astral planes as an astral etheric physical form, but we are all entities of the universe and inner spiritual world and we are all beings who we have been accumulated in your soul.  They are all a part of your whole.

With each life you gain new experiences and wisdom and you change and evolve.  Within the inner spiritual world we can sign up to be anything,  so we have a huge portfolio of beings that we have been and families that we have had and ancestors who has walked with us.  Everyone who we are in the inner spiritual world stays with us and becomes a part of us and our whole.

Some of the family and beings that you meet or that appear in past life readings will be connected to different inner spiritual world selves of yours.  Ancestors pertaining to other planets and places where you had a life and a family and died are different past lives.  If you died it is a past life as your true form self is immortal and eternal.  Places where you have been and families that you have had will come through.  We are incredibly layered and complex beings.  This is also why so many readings that we get appear different.  No one reading can actually capture the entirety of who we are and many different readers will read from different layers of our soul.  They will see different things and they will pick up what it is that we need to hear at that time.  It is amazing really how complex and layered we are.

The Physical self is essential the form that we have to live here.  The form that is here to experience the different adventures that are here.

Astral Travels

When we Astral Travel… The Astral plane reveals the blocks that we have and also things that we have to work to at times.  Sometimes when we get out we will be bound to the astral physical planes, this is where we tend to appear as we are and it means that we are not yet attuned to the vibrational frequencies where we can access our past selves or our true selves.   We also might not remember those lives and so not be able to shift to those who we were.  Sometimes when we astral project we are bound to the being we are now.   Sometimes we shift to a being that we were in another life, and sometimes we take the form of our higher self.  We have the potential to take all of these forms, though sometimes they are not open to us and we have to work to attune ourselves to these sides to take these forms.  Sometimes blocks or things that we need to heal prevent us from taking these other forms.  Also a lack of focus and mental mastery can stop us from shifting forms at will.  These are all things that can block you when astral traveling though there are ways to unblock yourself.

When we first start astral traveling unless you have really good focus you are going to go through different stages. Some which are uncontrolled astral travels.  There are are also astral travels where your human self is disconnected to your core self, but your core self is more aligned to your astral self so your human self has no control and your core self commands the astral self and does what it wants.  LOL

When I first started gaining control of my astral self I experienced what I call astral drunkenness, it is where you have slight control and you are trying to control but you are being tossed around and unable to really control the experience.   This state can feel like you are being tossed around like you are in a washer.
The best thing to do for this is to practise focusing exercises and increase your focus and concentration so that you can control the experience.

Another state that can happen in the beginning is true form control.  This is where you are disconnected from your true form self in physical, but you astral self is more aligned with your true form self.  So you will begin acting like you would in the outer spiritual realm and exploring things that your outer spiritual world self wants to explore.  They go where they want to go and explore what they want to explore.  You can also get out but really be unable to control where you are going or what you are doing.  You are just taken and guided around to different places by your true form self.

There are times to where you lack the mental control but you can get out, so your demons and spirit companions guide you around and take you different places.  They can lift you up and take you different places, show you different things and explore different places.  They guide where you go though and you might be in a state where you are not fully aware of what is going on or where you are going.  This is called guided astral travels.

You might also get out and find that you are confined to one specific form.  This might mean that your energy vibrations are locked to this form and it is the only one you are attuned to.  If you want to attain another form or your true form form you will need to work to unblock yourself and attune yourself to those forms.  Unblocking yourself can involve working through your past lives, healing emotional pains and trauma and also working on meditations designed to open up and get you in touch with your energies.  Focusing energies also never hurt.

You will get to a point in astral travel where you have control of yourself and your astral body.  You will be able to shift into any of your forms, travel where you want and interact with your companions.  When you have a good grasp of focusing and a good grasp of your astral self you will have a lot of freedom.  This freedom will allow you to explore the astral freely.  You will also be able to explore yourself, your energies, who you are, where you come from.  You companions can even take you to visit home.  There is so much you can do when you are in the astral and when you have control.  It is amazing where you can go and what you can learn.

In conclusions we are incredibly complex and layered beings.  There is so much to learn about ourselves and so much to uncover.  It can be an amazing journey!


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