*Whatever Spirit* Won’t leave me alone!

*Whatever Spirit* Won’t leave me alone!


Q: I am being haunted, tormented, abused by a spiritual force! Can you help me?

A: This is one question that we get a lot and the reality is that there is not a single fix all solution. Often times individual haunted cases have to be assessed and the solution has to come from figuring out what is happening and laying a foundation for a clear recovery path. 

There are several first steps to take when you think/feel you are being harassed by a spirit or entity.

Ruling Out Medical…

The first and foremost is to make sure there is nothing wrong with your physical health. There are many times where a physical ailment, or chemical imbalance can cause sensations and hallucinations on this level. It is wise to seek a medical examination by a qualified doctor to rule any physical/chemical issues. This is the first step and we advise anyone who is in this situation to make sure that you are always working with a physician just to rule out any physical factors. 

If you’ve done that the next step is Spiritual Foundation.

The Spiritual Foundation…

When working in the metaphysical /spiritual world or having any interactions with spirits/entities/magick, it is recommended to practice a solid spiritual foundation. The spiritual foundation will keep you safe in your dealings and working with the spiritual world and is recommended for anyone who walks any spiritual path.  It is important to learn these foundational skills, magick and the spirit world are not a joke, they are dangerous and there are lots of things that can harm you, it is important to learn to defend yourself. 

This requires learning to; 

~ Shield (a barrier protecting you from negative energies/spirits/entities/magick) 

~ Ground (the process of bringing you back to the physical world after any interaction with spirit/entities/magick) , 

~ Cleanse (cleaning your space where you are having interactions/magickal workings), 

~ Ward (protecting your property and/or self with sigils , crystals, or larger shields). 

When you start to develop your spiritual foundation you will start to take control over your space and be able to claim your space and remove any unwanted forces or presences. The first step with any harassing spirits or entities is to claim spiritual authority over yourself and your property. 

We have a resource website where we have written short free downloadable PDF’s that have basic foundational skills and instructions on how to implement them. Please see the link below: 

Cleansing and Energy Clearing 101 ~ This booklet was written as a beginning guild to cleansing and energy clearing to assist you with building the important foundation for learning to cleanse yourself and your space of unwanted energies and entities.

Shielding 101 ~ This booklet was written to assist with the development of your shielding as shielding and learning to protect your energies and self from any negative entities or energies is essential for any spiritual practise.  There are lots of dangerous entities out there that can cause harm and the first line of the defence is your personal protection shield!

Warding 101 ~ This Booklet is written to assist with the development of your warding skills.  Just as personal shields are important it is very important to learn to protect your space and shield your home and your environment from unwanted forces and energies.  This can give you a safe space for working and developing your skills, and gives you the tools to keep your family safe from dangerous entities and hauntings.

Grounding 101 ~ This booklet is written to assist with Grounding.  This essential skill is important for all those who practise rituals, spirit communication or any activity where you have to raise your energy vibration.  Grounding helps to bring you back down to Earth and stabilize your energies and reconnect with yourself and your body.  It is a super important foundational tool.

If you begin to implement a spiritual foundation remember that it can take time for these things to take effect.  These entities spent years gaining access to your energies so it can take some time to undo what was done.  Be consistent with your foundational practises and you will notice that the effects will get less and less. 

The Living Shadow

If after developing a spiritual foundation you still find yourself tormented and you still are having the same trouble as before then the cause is probably internal.  This means that there is an element of your shadow self that has manifested its own consciousness and is tormenting you for some reason.  This reason is something that is deep and buried deep in your subconscious.  Some say that demons are in our head and this is true in this regard, there are personifications that manifest and arise inside of us and scream to be heard. The more they are repressed and ignored the louder they can become from the shadow element. In society we are taught to repress a lot of what we feel, and these repressions can manifest as living shadows.  

A spiritual foundation will have no effect on these shadows, as they are not external, they are internal.  A spiritual foundation works to protect you from the external.  When there are living manifestations that are formed from part of your shadow psyche then they are internal and the only way to go about removing them is shadow work. 

Shadow work, also called referred to as the journey into the underworld.  This is where you have to journey into the depth of your mind and basically heal past abuse and damage that has been done.  You have to go into yourself and work with your shadow side to uncover this side and work to heal it.  This can be very painful and challenging work and we recommend that you educate yourself on shadow work and find a practitioner who has understanding of the shadow work and knows how to help you navigate it.  This is very life changing and profound work and it can help you to heal the sides that are tormenting you.


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