I want to be your apprentice?

I want to be your apprentice?


Q: I want to be your apprentice, please mentor me!

A: Unfortunately we aren’t taking on one-on-one magickal apprentices at this time.  Though if you are interested from learning from us we do offer information, lessons and exercise on our online forum.  Satan and Suns. Membership is free to join! We like to offer community learning and growth and like to cultivate a positive and nurturing learning environment where anyone can grow and learn.  This is what we have found to be the most efficient and powerful method to teach people from and it is also a great way for people to share experiences and their own personal gnosis from their own path.  

In the future we will be offering online courses, books, and lessons down the road to continue to help people on their spiritual paths!  Our personal philosophy is that there is not just one path that is right, it is that all paths, and cultures and traditions have their place in their world. It is something that we feel strongly with that by sharing our paths and discussing things from a respectful place, we can all grow and learn.  

There are going to be things that we disagree on and this is ok! No one should have to compromise their values, but we can all respectfully disagree when we cross those bridges.  The sharing of information and wisdom though allows people to see through the eyes of others and to learn through our individual gnosis.  We have found this is one of the most powerful and incredible teaching methods and it is why we have chosen to teach from this platform.


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    How is it your all female or my impression is that ?

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