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Demonic Social and Military Ranks

We have seen the names;  Commanders, Generals,  Legions, Dukes, Duchesses, Marquis, Princes.  But what do they all mean? I want to break down the rankings here in a way that is easier to understand and my understanding of the structure thus far of both Social and Military Ranks.  They are two completely different things.  I also…
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Demonic Dark Lord – Lord Beelzebub

Demonic Dark Lord … Lord (King) Beelzebub (Night Demon) (This information comes from our Priestess’s seeking council with him)  Direction: North  Planet: Jupiter  Metal: Titanium  Element: Earth Color: Muted Dark Red, Black, Grey, Silvers and Blues Incense: Frankincense, Myrrh, Oud Rank : King, Dark Lord Beelzebuth (Beelzebub) – “Adey vocar avage Beelzebuth (Beelzebub)” Quotes… From the Testament of Solomon: “15. And I questioned…
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