Month: November 2017


Lessons from Mammon: Dealing with Drama.

I slumped down in my bed, I wanted to hide, I wanted to be hidden from the world. My personality type is not one that handles this well.  I was never good at understanding these things.  I was and still am introverted and have a very hard time with social things.  I feel things, I feel everything and…
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Why Demons are Evil

Sorry for the misleading title.. I for one do not think that demons are evil at all. In fact I think they are some of the most incredible and well balanced dark divine beings out there. They understand the darkness and they understand the depth that it can go… It is humans who more often…
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Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

One of the main things that we are taught when we walk with demons, is the concept of thanks and gratitude.  When you shift your attention to that which you are grateful for, those things which you are thankful for, it changes your energies, it shifts your perspective and you are able to see your…
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Mental Mastery

A Gift from Azazel

Azazel: Are you ready to learn your next focusing lesson? I smiled at him.  It was nice to be on track working with him again.  My schedule with him had been so scattered in the last few years with all the madness and growth that I was really happy that now he and I were working together…
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