Month: August 2017

Toxic Sludge

The Sludge of the Toxic Narcissist

I want to talk today about a very specific type of sludge energy and how to embrace healing from that energy… healing especially from a Toxic Narcissist.  They are insidious, they are vile, they are the worst sludge and I know that anyone who has dealt with one and made it out has felt the trauma,…
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The Scrolls and Readings will Never Reveal All

I have been reading Outer Spiritual world energies for 25+ years… they are not easy to read.  I cannot even begin to tell you the process that is involved in the translation. There is an insane amount of detail that we have to translate… Even after 25+ years my own story has holes in it.  I am…
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Why Do The Scrolls Take so long?

Q: Why do the scrolls take so long to complete? A: The answer to this is… the Sigils…  The sigils can take us a while at times, and we do apologize for that, but we would rather get you a sigil that resonates with your demon that is what they want us to reveal to…
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Cleansing Fire

The Art of Banishing

We all have things in our life that we would like to be rid of. Whether it is an annoying person, a bad habit or something that is disrupting our path, we all have those things that we wish would leave our vibrational field.  Before we begin talking about banishing, we have to talk about why…
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