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Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords

I have read different theories on what happens when you connect with demons.  It is fascinating to read and learn about them.  Different people have many different encounters with them.  Once question that has always plagued me is.  Why are they so different at times?  With some of them at first I raised an eyebrow…
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Demonic Dark Lord – Lord Beelzebub

Demonic Dark Lord … Lord (King) Beelzebub (Night Demon) (This information comes from our Priestess’s seeking council with him)  Direction: North  Planet: Jupiter  Metal: Titanium  Element: Earth Color: Muted Dark Red, Black, Grey, Silvers and Blues Incense: Frankincense, Myrrh, Oud Rank : King, Dark Lord Beelzebuth (Beelzebub) – “Adey vocar avage Beelzebuth (Beelzebub)” Quotes… From the Testament of Solomon: “15. And I questioned…
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Demonosophy : Respect

Respect is huge on the Demonosopher path. The Dark Lords and Ladies and Demon Companions that bless our lives are powerful and incredible Divine Beings!   The Dark Lords and Ladies are High Ranking Divine beings.  They are Gods.  Demon Gods and Goddess’s and they should be treated as such.  There is a pull to…
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