Questions About Blending Other Faiths with Satan and Sons

Questions About Blending Other Faiths with Satan and Sons.


Can we get along?

Can your spirits and entities work effectively with people of various religious backgrounds?

The demons that we screen are not bothered by other religions. In fact, many of them are curious about other religions and perspectives.  We also have sone demons we offer, such as the Devotion demons who enjoy learning about different religions.  Yes, you can take their vessels to your places of worship, that will not be a problem for the demon.

There is a lot of speculation about demons being incompatible with other faiths and peoples, but really demons are just a divine spiritual being. They are divine in essence and divine in their darkness.  While there are personal conflicts that can arise between various members of certain groups, when we are screening, we take care to make sure the demon that comes through for you is a match on all levels. That also means a match for any religious background that you have or that other members of your family have.

It is not uncommon for your demon to gently assist your elderly mother who is a devoted catholic in a discreet way, to make sure she is safe.  They see things beyond the scope of our human judgement, and their perception of the world is different than ours.  If you have a specific religious background and are still called to work with a demon, we can accommodate.  The only thing that is very important is to just treat your demon with respect. Don’t attack them, abuse them, curse at them or try to force them to do things.  Accept them and they will accept you.


Does the vessel have to be around in order to work with the demon?

The physical vessels acts as a focus point but it is not necessary for communication. You do not have to have it on you to have them communicate with you and work with you.   When demons first arrive, the physical vessel allows for a point of connection, which will allow you to attune to their energies and help channel their energies when working with them.

Over time though, you will learn to sense your demon and communicate with their energies. That connection will become stronger so you will not need the physical vessel. Though many people like to keep them and have them close, as many times demons will enchant and cast spells on their vessels as gifts to their human companions.

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Can Christianity and Satanism Find Common Ground
Can Christianity and Satanism Find Common Ground

Why can’t Satanists work with Christians?  I do not mean devout Christians, I mean non-practising ones who are Christian in name only.  Ones who do not go to church but just are naturally aligned to those energies.  

This is a very layered question.  I think there is a lot of pain that many on the Left Hand Path have not healed, which is why many are so opposed to Christianity and other faiths of that nature.  Many of the people on the LHP have been hurt by the RHP and there are layers to things that have to be healed.  This is completely understandable in many situations as often time hurt and pain comes with the need to heal and a time when there will be lashing out towards the other side.  This does not mean though that it should stay that way and I think that there should be a push to finding common ground and open communication and also accepting that there are many different paths out there.  It doesn’t mean we have to agree with the other side, in fact considering the nature of each path there will always be disagreements, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot get along, or at least agree to disagree.

I think that when one on the RHP is respectful of one on the LHP and vice versa, incredible discussions can happen. A discussion of philosophies without attempts of conversion makes for wonderful conversation on both ends.  I just think that there sometimes involves healing and setting boundaries to get to that place, which is not a bad thing either.

I personally have no issues with Christians, I actually enjoy having discussion with them and others of that nature who are open to a respectful dialogue.  It does not bother me at all.  I think in the grand scheme of things, there is darkness and there is light. People need to find their balance and the path that works for them.  If they find that in Christianity, wonderful, if they find that in Satanism, wonderful.  In the end people have to follow the path that speaks to them.

Doesn’t everything come from the same spiritual source?

I do agree with that and I feel the spiritual world is big enough for everyone.  There are many paths and many roads to walk. I personally believe that all religions have elements of truth to them and all religions will have pieces of the puzzle.  I enjoy studying different faiths and religions. Yes at times they are incompatible. At other times there are disagreements and fighting, but that is not a bad thing.  I think it leads to interesting discussions and is just a part of life here.

There are conflicts, there are disagreements, there are also powerful discussions and moments of clarity and unity.  It is all part of the journey here.   We do accept people of all faiths and backgrounds.  I believe all paths have a place in the whole spiritual structure and it is up to the individual to follow the path that is true to their heart.


What books would you recommend for beginners?

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  • June 16, 2018 at 8:06 am

    How can write a pact, I mean, when writing a pact I notice my desires first or my offerings to a demon I choosed to work with?

  • August 29, 2018 at 4:27 am

    Can someone guide me as to which item to order for a vessel/ connection/ companion with mammon. I am confused about the site.
    Thank u


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