Month: February 2018

Money Magick

Do you know the secrets of Money Magic?

I look around and I wonder why so many people, so many magicians, have trouble with money magick.  Actually, I don’t wonder, I know.  See, I used to be one of those magicians.  Sure, I could manifest small amounts and always had enough to live comfortably, but for the longest time the secret of abundance magick eluded me.  I…
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Power of Love

The Power of Love

Love is an amazing thing.  It can cause man to raise armies and in the same breath, bring him to his knees. There is a love though, that is not often talked about. In fact, we are taught and programmed in this world to do the opposite. We on the Left hand path though, like to challenge what…
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Feeling Lucky

Several months ago I was at the store with a friend, we were picking something up and I was just along for the trip. While standing there waiting for her, I felt a strong pull to go look at some bracelets. I felt a strange sensation on my wrist like something was missing and the…
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