The Adversary

The Adversary

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The word satan means Adversary, an adversary is defined as “one’s opponent in a contest, conflict, or dispute.” Being an adversary is not a bad thing, we are just taught to think it is.  You can be an adversary of cruelty, an adversary of bullies, an adversary of animal and child abuse.  being an adversary is not a bad thing.  You can oppose and challenge and not be ok with how things are.

When you walk with demons you are often called to question what you see, what is going on around you and ask yourself does this align with me and who I am.  You do not have to be ok with what you see, you can stand up and say, this doesn’t align with who I am.

Working with Satan I have learned about perspectives,  there are many perspectives in this world and many ways to view things.  There is an unlimited amount of ways to view any situation.  Satan tells us that there are perspectives that will hinder you in your growth and progress and perspectives that will help you.  It is important to be able to detach from your reactive perspective and see different ones, and align yourself with the one that takes you where you want to go.

Good and Bad through the ages are subjective and have changed.  You can be an adversary of the status quo in an effort to stand up for what you feel is right and your beleif.  Satan may be the adversary, but what is he the adversary of?  Demons are the hammer of justice.  There is nothing wrong with taking your life and your destiny into your own hands and owning it.  Be comfortable with who you are, really take the time to get to know yourself at your core and do not be afraid to be stand up for what you believe in. It is the adversaries that have changed the world.



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    I love everything About this!

  2. Satan's Hellcat says:

    I think that I would call this finding your personal balance in life. Some people are naturally quite dark, and others very light, selfless, and forgiving. You need to find that point between the two opposites that is just right for you to grow and live comfortably. It will always be a combination of the two, and I can just about guarantee that it will be different for each person. I have discovered that it is very difficult to live a lie. Modern society tells us that being vengeful is wrong. Is it? Or is that simply an energy that another person might need to be able to understand other people’s viewpoints and advance in understanding? Life sometimes teaches harsh lessons, but the magick of it is that it advances us SO much faster!

  3. Marlon Andrej Cruz says:

    hail Satan!

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