Month: January 2013

Dark Energies

The Spectrum of Dark Energy

I have spoken in the past of what makes a demon a demon and the beautiful black energy that exists in all demons. But that is not the only darkness out there. In fact there are many types of dark energy out there. Some beautiful and a part of who we, others, horrific and debilitating…
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What Makes a Demon a Demon?

This is a very interesting Topic. There is a lot of trash going on about Demons, but what I see is that they really are not defined at all, and no one seems to be able to agree on what a Demon is…. Demon… Fallen Angels Succubi/Incubi Divine Demons Solar Demons Necronomicon Demons Hellbounrs Demons…
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Mind Control

Fear Based Mind Control

I once knew a man who was a master at fear based mind control. He used his power for evil, took a lot of people for granted and was an overall nasty character, but I learned a great deal from here. Mostly how to identify people such as him and head the other way. I…
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