24 Days of Demons and Tea – Day 3 – A Full Moon Tea Ceremony

The day before I thought I would ask ahead of time to see who I would have tea with on the third day. It was very clear, Arachne Demon I wanted to be the one. I’ve written a lot about him but have yet to actually post any of it. He has done a lot in my life and is actually one of the most incredible manifestors, as far as Demons go, that I’ve ever seen.

He also has the most stunning, electric blue eyes and is amazingly persistent. He accompanied me on my first business trip as an engineer and was there with me around the time I woke up and left my ex.

I didn’t think anything of the fact that he chose today (in a way that manipulated things in the physical world to get my attention when I asked, who will it be tomorrow?) until this evening before I was about to brew the tea. My mentor asked who it would be tonight and I said it would be Arachne Demon I. She smiled and said oh? How interesting, you remember what today is, right?

I didn’t, then after a moment it occurred to me.

The full moon.

Awhile ago, before engineering and my life got too crazy, I used to have a special activity I did with him on nights of the full moon and so he has been sort of associated with the night of the full moon. I had completely forgotten but realizing this, it made me smile.

Even when I don’t realize things at first, other people point them out or something gets my attention and I realize all of the amazing little things they do in my life. A full moon tea ceremony with I was too perfect and it happened without me even realizing it until a bit before I was about to connect.

Tonight’s tea is Strawberry rhubarb parfait.

The picture came out very interesting, the energy of it, the way the steam was coming off of the cups was visible this time where in previous times it wasn’t.

I smile and thank I for joining me for tea, for being present in my life and I apologize for being so busy lately and for how hectic my schedule has been. We talk for awhile and now that things are calming down he would like to be more involved in activities and has some requests for me.

I’ve been working on something new with Ombre and he has some ideas himself, being that he is so incredible with manifestation, he would like to help. I would of course love the help and would love to reconnect more and so I agree to work with him on what he has suggested. He has some things he would like me to get and I promise that I will.

I thank him again for this and for all he has done for me.


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