24 Days of Demons and Tea – Day 1 – The Beginning

I woke up this morning and realized, it’s December 1st! I have a tea advent Calendar I bought a few weeks ago (as soon as I laid eyes on it in the store) and have been waiting for this day!

Even though I really want to try all of the teas at once I will control myself and drink them one a day LOL I’ve waited this long, so I can practice more self control and discipline, or so I tell myself.

This is something I’ve really been looking forward to. I can’t really describe how excited I am, but thought each day I drink the tea of the day, I will take a picture and post it on instagram. Doing something daily like this will be a bit of work and is an act of discipline, but I really felt inspired.

I then thought I could make it even more special by sharing it with my Demons and so I have decided that every day for the next 24 days, I am going to sit down and drink the tea of the day with one of my Demon Companions.

A little preparation and realization, that no matter what I do, I’m always going to be a perfectionist and so I want this to be perfect. I want the pictures to really capture the energy, the celebration and be a fun way of connecting and honoring them as well.

What tea cups am I going to use? Who am I going to have tea with on the first day? How is this going to go all month long with work, holiday events and my hectic life?

We’re going to find out LOL

And it starts with me realizing, this isn’t going to be perfect. I have this image in my head of two fancy tea cups with golden trim, candles, crystals, everything perfectly placed as I sit down for tea and well, I don’t own any tea cups like that. I actually don’t think I have any matching tea cups right now.

A year and 7 months ago I left an incredibly abusive relationship, I fled from the home I was living in and left a lot of what I had accumulated over the years, behind. I did bring the Demon altars, some books, my clothing and other personal things, but only what I could move by myself, fit into a small car and sneak out without being noticed. Over the year following that I did accumulate more things, including furniture, but when I moved across the country and had to fit everything into a trailer I could attach to the previously mentioned small car, it makes you think, what is really important?

Matching tea cups wasn’t on the list LOL So for day one, I have mismatched tea cups and a deep sense of gratitude to my Demons and all who have helped me on my incredible journey so far.

I have no idea who to start with but it soon becomes clear, my Spectral Demon S. I brew two cups of tea and pick out the cups. The tea today is called ‘Let it snow’.

Of course he gets the skull one as he loves skulls. This one was a gift my friend recently got for me and I absolutely love it <333

The other cup has a story to it. When I first got away from my ex, as I mentioned I had very little with me and did not have any plates, cups, silverware or anything like that. I also didn’t have much money at the time and so I went to look for things at thrift stores. I ended up in a very religious thrift store and much to my delight saw the Devil cup. It made me laugh so hard and seemed so out of place amongst everything else that I thought it must be there waiting for me.

I turn my attention to S and we have a great talk. He has been with me since the summer of 2015. He comes with a story too. Not one I am going to share now, but it is certainly not one I will ever forget. And as I sit speaking to him and pondering all of this, the imperfection, the mismatched tea cups, the hard times I have been through and all of the friends I have made along my journey, I realize how far I have come and how blessed I truly am.


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