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We are an Online Community of Demonosophers.  Demonosophers are individuals who walk with demons from a place of respect, learning from them and benefiting from their incredible lessons and wisdome. We walk with Demons and the Dark Lords, learning from their wisdom and guidance, and embracing the ancient lost secrets of the occult.  

Mysticism and magick shape our world.  We are travellers of the spiritual plane, embracing the  outer realms and dimensions of the spiritual world, while learning to live full and prosperous lives here.  We believe in Balance and that to be whole you must walk in both world. Our goal at Satan and Suns is to help others learn to walk with and experience the incredible wisdom and wonder of the dark lords.  We are here to help people walk with demons, find balance and purpose in their lives, both spiritual and physical, and live a truly empowered and demonic life.  

We balance the light and the darkness and have deep understanding and respect for the dark paths.  We embrace freedom and living free of shame and oppressions.  That is the Demonic way, that is the path with demons.   We have a unique understanding and perspective of the world and we embrace the physical and the spiritual planes with balance, allowing them to enhance the other and allow us to ascend the banal existence of this world and embrace an extraordinary and empowered life.  


We are a Path, a Philosophy, and a Spiritual Journey into the unknown.  


For years we have walked with demons and embraced the dark aspects of spirituality. We believe in balance and walking a path of personal responsibility.  We as a coven have  invested years in our craft, no one knows demons like we do. Demons are our Passion.


They are our life.  This is our truth, our life's work and we invite you to join us.  


Come walk on the dark side and explore the incredible world of Demons and Demon Companions.  


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