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 Satan and Suns Forum Rules! ***UPDATED*** December 7th 2016 
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As with any sacred place we need to make sure we create a safe atmosphere where people can feel free to express themselves and grow along their individual path without criticism. In order to do that there needs to be set boundaries and rules that we need to follow and abide by. These are basic rules for now but they will be updated from time to time as we grow in size.

We have been working at warding the website and erecting shields of protection, as well as daily cleanses and a large cleansing we have been preforming to refresh the energies. Please do not hesistate to contacts us, or send us a PM if you have questions, comments or concerns.

Akelta is the Admnistrator and Owner of this Forum, she is here to help and answer any and all questions that you have

Yllidra, Satyra, Eilana, and Anatel are forum Moderators. We are happy to answer any questions or assist you in any way we can.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this community as we would not have Satan and Suns without you!

Rule 1 - Respect

To be a member of this community you do not need to walk a particular path. The owners and moderators of this board all walk a darker path, but that does not mean we are not open to the paths of others. We ask that you respect others and their individual paths and also to be respectful of their experiences. If you find instances where people are promoting hate, cruelty or malicious actions then please report the post and notify the moderators, they will take action to remove the post and speak with the individual. We are open to people from all paths if you wish to come here and learn, however, any offensive or disrespectful remarks will not be tolerator.

Debate is welcome and encouraged so long as it is clean and done in a respectable manner. All beliefs and paths are welcome here and we ask that you be respectful of each other. Please do not criticize anthers beliefs and try to convert them. That will not be tolerated. We are here to learn from each other.

Respect also falls into the category of respect for animals and respect for the demons. Some things we do not tolerate here.

~ We will not condone animals sacrifice and other posts of cruelty, torture and abuse.
~ We are an LGBT friendly community and will not condone any hate speech of that nature.
~ We do not condone and will not tolerate racist, rude, insulting or hurtful remarks

We seek to make this a place of education, spiritual learning and exploration and make it as safe as possible for people to discuss their path and experiences without fear and prejudice. This is a community of many paths, we believe that the individual needs the space to be able to find the path that is right for them. We are here to learn from each other and sometimes our views may conflict, but we have to remember the spiritual world is a big place and there is room for all of us.

Please if you have a personal conflict with another member of the forum, take it outside and do not bring drama here. We also will not allow any interforum fighting and no seller bashing.

We are all adults and can agree to disagree. Remember we all walks different paths and just because we have come to different conclusions does not mean we have to yell at each other. Debate can open up the doors of knowledge and new understanding but keep it clean.

Rule 2 - No Spam or Trolling

This is a community where we seek to learn and explore many different paths. Debate is welcome but any irrelevant posts or posts specifically designed to insight a rise out of another member will be removed. Any spam or off topic posts will be removed.

Rule 3 - No Accusations

If you are going to post nasty gossip or the accusation that someone has cursed, hexed or spelled you without any basis or proof the post will be deleted and if you continue to make sure posts it will be considered malicious and disciplinary actions will take place.

Rule 4 - Links

We do encourage reading and sharing resources, posting resource links and interesting articles. But we do have to make some things known. The SB is not a place to advertise, it is a social place for discussion, if you are a seller or have wares you wish you post please post it in the correct section... viewforum.php?f=53 ... this section here is for posting listings from other sellers. There are rules for posting ads as well, they can be viewed here.. viewtopic.php?f=53&t=628 Please keep ads to this section. Also please refrain from posting links from sellers who are in direct competition with S&S, other sellers have other resources to talk about their wares.

Rule 5 - The Shout-box

The shout-box is meant to be a fun social tool for discussion. Please keep it clean though, don't attack other members or get upset if someone doesn't answer. It can be hard to watch the SB while scrolling through the forum and I know for the Admin, when they are in the backend they can't see the shout-box. Please do not get upset or feel ignored if someone doesn't reply. There could be many reason why they didn't see you address them. Feel free to talk about your entities and experiences from any seller and you can even post the sellers name and details about your entity and experiences, but please ads and direct links to listings to a minimum and if you are a seller please made sure that post from your store remain in the correct section.

Rule 6 - Mass Post Deleting and Account Deletion

I need to cover this topic because we are growing as a community and I do want to address this, because it has come up, I want you all to know that moving forward this will be the policy of mass deletions of posts and deleting accounts. This is for the content threads on the forum and does not cover sales and seller threads.

Mass Deleting Posts

One of the things that makes online forums special is the fact that they are shared spaces. This means that when someone contributes, their contribution directly impacts the contributions of others. There are no walls or profiles, no individual areas where you have to opt-in to a specific person (at least, not usually and not in a way that outweighs the shared spaces). There is simply a space that everyone shares. Mass deletions can be very harmful for the community, and though sometimes they are necessary, we would really like to avoid them moving forward.

Deleting Accounts

While there are special cases at times where accounts will be deleted, moving forward we will not mass delete posts or delete accounts, we are going to try to find other options. With accounts, moving forward if you would like to leave, your account will not be deleted. It will be closed. This means that the username is changed to something non-descriptive, like username12345. The profile fields (email address, instant messenger names, website URLs, avatars, etc.) are cleared. The account is closed from further usage and the member can no longer use it, as it is no longer tied to them or identifiable to them.

Regarding Individual posts though, we are happy to work with people on any sensitive or identifying information. I would need a write up of your concerns and why you would like the post removed, and then we will look into removing it. These posts can be ones that have identifying information of photos that the person does not wish to be seen, or highly personal posts they no longer wish to be seen. In those cases, I’m happy to help and simply to remove the sensitive posts in question.

The goal here is to respect the integrity of the community and a forum space, without upsetting people. In the end, all your posts are stored in Google and other spider indexing. They exist. If you post online you are opening yourself up and there is nothing I can do about deleting those indexing. This is how Post Deletion and Account Deleting will be handled moving forward.

Presented here are the rules for participation on this Forum. Really simple courtesies, common sense and respect as defined by Sect Law viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1721&p=10386&hilit is what we follow. Basic respect. As we grow though we make changes and updates to the rules, but lets keep this space one of respect and education.

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Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:15 am
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great revisions! Understood :)

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Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:18 am
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Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.

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Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:17 am
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Thanks Yllidra for posting the updated rules, this is great!

fire083 wrote:
Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.

We will be putting together a post on the different levels soon and the requirements for Tenurship :cooldevil:

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Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:33 pm
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Akelta wrote:
Thanks Yllidra for posting the updated rules, this is great!

fire083 wrote:
Excellent revisions, I still wonder about the requirements for tenure as I have not managed to locate anything on it thus far.

We will be putting together a post on the different levels soon and the requirements for Tenurship :cooldevil:

Awesome :headbang:

All my freestyle dancing is basically magic.
To be the left hand of a god.

Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:21 pm
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Seems pretty basic common sense rules

I am so grateful to have this place to learn about what paths others are on and expand my own knowledge

Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:33 pm
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heard and understood :devilthumbs:

Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:20 am
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I love these rules! !!!!!

(We are all being played in one form or another. I guess it comes down to how you are being played, are you being played in a way that benefits you and will overall lead you to your goals and be a win win situation for the parties involved, or are you being played in a way that will be harmful and destructive.) - Akelta Wilde

(Half asian half amazin :-* )

Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:38 pm

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Read and understood. Another good place to learn in a respectful way. Kudos.

Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:15 pm
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Read and understood. So very well written :fulldevil:

Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:24 pm
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